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Save Trees. Never read this blog on paper again. Subscribe now to receive it on your computer or tablet. Readers who make the switch from paper blog to electronic reading will go into the draw for a special deal on Greenland’s newest winter theme park – Frozen World in Thule. it opens this January and you could be camped on a glacier for a month! Enter now and win the right to remain home in front of a fire with a cup of tea and a Victorian novel…

Every week we get another utility bill that pleads with us to crack open our bank account and let them in there with an electronic grain scoop and burlap sack. It will save the planet and the kittens and democracy, we are told. That’s when they are playing nice – when they are getting desperate they just threaten to cut off the supply. Not their own supply, you understand – that of another quasi-governmental corporation. They are actually at war with each other for the pile of money and we are just the casualties.

This became evident when someone who shall remain nameless ( but I wish he would end up voteless ) proposed charging an extra tax for people who have solar panels on their roofs that generate electricity. These people paid for their own panels, you understand, and by using them relieve the state electricity department from having to stoke the boilers quite so hard…but the fact that this means they also pay smaller electricity bills has excited the wrath of the officials. The department that hides as a corporation proposes to take more because, presumably, it wants more…

The banks and insurance companies and dog wash salons all want on to the electronic gravy train as well – they can then get rid of the clerks that open the mail and bank the cheques and maybe even move the electronic accountancy somewhere that has cheap and expendable slave labour chained to the screens.

I’m resolutely sticking to paper and the Post office – even at the price of increased postal charges. It allows me to still have a hand on at least one valve in the financial pipeline and I can keep it screwed down tight if they do not behave.



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