Tin 33



Ever get tired of seeing the same darned thing? The movies that have the same plot, the television shows that have the same actors, the streets that have the same shops… Well, we have a remedy for that. Go to the hot rod show.

Oh there will be some samesame – you can’t avoid that. There will be 1932 Fords in various forms at every rod show – they are such a classic shape that they have been reproduced in lots of different materials. Metal, fibreglass, polyfoam, short-crust pastry, etc. Enjoy yourself by finding the variations between one 32 and the next one.

Or find yourself a metal ’33. A metal 33 that is not hiding under two grey undercoats and a dozen candy apple red topcoats. A car that lets you see what is happening and how it was made. If you can’t find one nearby I’ll let you look over Tin 33 that was at Gillam Drive .


Now the engine has a resemblance to a Ford flathead – with possibly a little more attached to it than henry originally intended. Not crazy extra, but enough to make it a steady worker of an engine.


The interior is nicely finished with enough of a hint of history as well as enough modern rodding in there to be fun. Note that there is no music – this driver has all the tunes in his head.

The top is a nice colour to match the firewall, frame and wheels. Not too red, but red enough.

The wheels are classic Ford wires and caps and a a well-judged size choice for front and rear balance.


But it is the frame and body that make this car stand out. Some rods are finished too well – too slick, too new, too plastic. Some are finished too oddly – the more extreme rats – you feel that the detail effects on them are contrived rather than derived. This car is perfect.


Perfect finish? Well no. Look at the rear deck and the panel edges. Look at the different reflected tones of metal under the clear protector coat. But what a perfect style. Hats off to the man for including the cycle fenders in the general finishing scheme – it would have been alright to red them out, but the bare /clear is the perfect finishing touch.


The only style problem with this concept is the foolish comments the owner has probably had to field from the general public. One of the other cars at Gillam had the perfect answer for that – you’ll see it on a future post.


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