It Is A Ford


This should soothe all the Henry’s out there who had to look at a Chevrolet in a previous column. They can stop glaring and sweating and unclench their fists.


For those readers out there who are not car fanciers – this is not just editorial licence – there really are enthusiasts who polarise themselves to such an extent. They come out at hot rod meetings to a certain extent but as there is such a melding of equipment in a group of rods and customs – engines from one maker and body from another – suspensions pinched from here and there – that they cannot maintain such a religious purity.


It is different when the meets are concerned with classic cars or restored historic ones. Then the needles can come out. No one bothers to pester the Marmon drivers or the owners of obscure 1914 Belgian three wheel steam lorries, but the main GM/Ford/Chrysler prejudices are widely aired…to the advantage of no-one.


Well, this one should put things right. It is a 1939 Coupe restored to perfection with the wise choice of the original flathead engine left in there. Which in its turn leaves room around it for cooling and accessories and means the full bonnet can close and complete the lines of the car. As exciting as it may be to see a giant GMC supercharger stick out of the bonnet at the drag strip, no-one wants to see it here.


The interior seems to have been completely re-sewn in white and purple whilst still retaining the faux-wood dash style of the period. In fact it is so good I have managed to get a shot of the back shelf area as well – a view that I will try to include in car reports in the future. If you are going to have luxury, you might as well show it. I should have liked to see in the boot, but I was shy.





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