Atsa Nice…Atsa Really Nice.


What’s small, square, blue, and full of Italians?

A FIAT station sedan, that’s what. A 1964 100D Riviera in two-tone to be exact. Sit-up styling with just enough of the Pininfarina to jazz up the edges and give it balance. A little chrome, some small over-riders, a trim strip that relly does a job, and smooth lines back down the roof to the tail.


Note the clear trafficators on the front – it is that age. Also the amber side running lights. Little touches, but functional.


Note as well the hinging of the rear hatch – no fussy risers or gas struts to replace here.

Disc wheels, vented. Real hubcaps.


Enough controls on the dash in the original to motor – not too many to confuse the issue. No need to make it look like an atomic power station. Sensible seats.

And enough space behind the rear seats for a picnic, or luggage for a weekend. This car was made for people to use for their real lives.

Oh, please bring this sort of thing back. Never mind the super-luxury Sporto-Engorgo GTO whatever. Give us a car we can drive. Please.

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