That Guy In The Red Car Is Giving Me The Willys…

Gillam Drive 2014 242

Sorry. I have been waiting for decades to use that pun. Now it is out of my system I feel strangely lighter…

Gillam Drive 2014 241

Gillam Drive show last year. A must-see show here in WA, and all for free. For free if you don’t buy a tee shirt or a choc milk at the lunch bar or go book your car into one of the panel beaters or chop shops on the Drive for a complete custom job…One day…Note to attendees – it is always a hot day out on the Drive. Hat and sunscreen and thongs. There are bits of metal on the ground.

Gillam Drive 2014 244

This car makes me suspicious. I think it has been modified to go faster than the speed limit. If I were the police I would lurk in the bushes and jump out at the driver. If I were the driver I would lurk in the bushes and jump out at the police. Well, at least someone would get the jump on somebody.

Gillam Drive 2014 240

Pure racers are one thing – racers that can legally wear a set of WA number plates are another – I suspect they are the rarer breed. They would have to be good in both worlds to have any place on the strip or on the road. I have no doubt that with the superb finish of this vehicle, that the builder has the situation well in hand. This is no garage afterthought – this car has been prepared. And it has travelled – look at the bracket qualifier plate on the firewall from 1979 – That’s Bakersfield, California where they do have the occasional drag race…

Gillam Drive 2014 246

Thinking about it – hot rodding in all its various facets is getting to be quite a link with the past – for a number of generations and nations. We’re always glad to see the American cars here and to work with them to make great vehicles – I do hope some of the Australian cars of the past get a chance to go and rod in the USA and Canada. And wouldn’t it be nice to see the Europeans embrace the aesthetic with some of their own native marques. They can’t all be sports car enthusiasts – or builders of amateur farm machinery like in the DDR.

Gillam Drive 2014 245


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