They Must Be Right – They’re Actors



Here are two studio card photographs of rather handsome actors who disagree with the British Government on it’s war policies. Disagree entirely, and pledged their professional careers and acting abilities to oppose it. I do hope that all right-minded users of Facebook will get right behind them.


You may not have heard of them, and might not have had a chance to see some of the films they appeared in, but rest assured that ” Above All Else In The World ” and ” Die Stadt Ohne Juden ” are crackerjack productions…

We’re really very lucky these days in having actors and singers who take such an interest in instructing us about politics – we’ve had Barbra Streisand and Jim Carrey and the bald chap who used to sing up the front of Midnight Oil* – and we really should be paying grateful attention to their opinions because they are celebrities and they are rich and they are telling us what to think. And they know what we should think, because they are rich and on the stage and screen. It makes sense, really.

Thankfully, there is Facebook and it is simple to pull out a posting that someone else has pulled out…though in some cases I am not sure exactly where they have pulled it out from…and pop it on to your timeline. This is doing a great deal of good for the world, and shows proper respect to rich actors and singers.

Note: the British Government did not listen to either of the two actors in the studio cards. Nor to the famous film director Leni Reifenstahl. Of course this was some while ago but the British Government seemed to be quite resistant at the time…and noisy about it too…

  • I keep wanting to say Peter Garratt but I have a feeling that would be wrong. Garrotte? Garret? Beyer Garratt? No, that was an articulated locomotive and I’m sure the chap, now a senator, wouldn’t have pulled trains.

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