Is It Him Again?

DSCF4237 copy

Is he still on the line? Jeez. Gimme the phone.

Hey, Glen, howya doin’? Got the Citroen van started yet? No, I’m not laughing – got something in my throat.

Yeah, well we’re just about to close up here for the night so I thought you mighta got it going and were calling from home. No?

Yeah well, that’s tough, eh? Think you’re gonna have to set tight with it there till the pole crew come by. Look on the good side – it’s gonna be overtime.

Yeah, I know it’s getting cold. Get a blanket outta the back or something – I always keep a blanket in the Chevy in case I get cold. Well, then next time, eh?

No, there are no mountain lions out on the prairie. You’re not in mountains. Jeez. I’ve never seen a mountain lion anywhere except the zoo. And no, there are no wolves in Alberta – they shot ’em out years ago Most of ’em. That’s probably cows you hear howling.

Well stay in the van. Cows can’t get you in the van.



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