Yeah Well, We’ll Send A Man Out, Eh?



Glen? Glen? Are you on there, eh…?

We just got a call from down south. Apparently that stretch you were talking about has given way – couldn’t never stand the strain. Farmer’s raising forty kinds of hell about it falling on his fences. We’ll need…

Hello? Hello? Glen? Are you still on the line…? Okay.

Chevy’s in the shop with the carby in parts – some thumbfister took it off to clean it and they can’t get the SOB back together – might have to go into the agency and get another one- You’ll have to take the old Citroen. You can throw that old switchboard out of the back and put your tools in it. Harve’s got a ladder you can borrow. If you and he can get down there this afternoon and at least get the old pole offa that property it’ll shut the farmer up, eh?

Naw. No idea. Probably 1920’s. It’s been been on the Division roster ever since I’ve been here. Shit, the RCAF didn’t even want in the war – they just left it in the corporation garage. Took old man McDonnell’s new Dodge in ’40, though, and he didn’t get it back until ’46 and the engine was shot to hell ’cause they ran it on avgas. Thumbfisters, eh?

Yeah. well head on out there this afternoon and I’ll get the pole crew to go tomorrow morning. We need ya more than want ya, eh?



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