And The Cat Came Back.


British 17

As Garrison Keilor would have put it…

This is not a post of great intellect – as befits the mental state of the writer, who has had enough of it for a day. He just wants to sit quietly and look at pretty things. In this case it is a review of Jaguar motor cars seen in the last three years here in Western Australia.

Cottesloe car 6

These are the show cars seen at posh venues – not at the rod shows. The British Show at Pinjarrah was a mechanically mixed bag of standard little sedans and hefty luxury cars – the Cottesloe Classic Car Show was mostly the more expensive and/or exotic stuff that people keep tightly locked away in dark garages. I cannot say whether they get more enjoyment out of their vehicles as opposed to the more humble cars, but at least they were kind enough to get them out and let us see them.

British 4

All of the preserved/classic/vintage cars were works of art of their respective periods, but few of them had quite the design flair of the Jaguars.Only one bonnet was up and one could see the workings, so that naturally leaves me with a suspicion about the English electrical systems, but at least one could see the leather interiors and retro-luxury fittings. Of course the enthusiastic owners and ex-Brits will insist that they are far better designed than American cars of the period…but then they also say that about British aircraft and locomotives of the time…and fortunately there is no law that compels us to agree.

Cottesloe car 8

Never mind – look at the pictures and then either sigh and wish you had one or wipe your brow with relief that you are not saddled with one.

Cottesloe car 7

Cottesloe car 5

British 5


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