Getting A Round Touit



Resign yourselves – in a column that frequently deals with car-related topics you are going to have to put up with that sort of pun every so often. Like the plumbing magazines – you cannot have grate literature all the time.


Most of the cars I encounter at the hot rod shows have wheels – a number of them. Many of them touch the ground. Of course in the case of the show queen vehicles that travel to the event wrapped in cotton wool on the back of a trailer, the round rubber things don’t touch the ground for very long. And I’ll bet that the owner carefully cleans and sterilises it before the sacred wheels roll into position.


I like the ones that got there under their own power – and leave successfully in the same way. I’m not really fussed if the engine is overpowered, terribly overpowered, or obscenely overpowered…as long as the chassis can roll over a railway line without sparks. But I do have decided preferences in the roundy bits – both the hard roundy bits and the soft roundy bits.


As a kid brought up in the hot rod magazines on a diet of mag wheels you would think that these would be favourite. Nope. I liked the look of a lot of sports cars when I was a teenager so it has to be wire wheels, right? Wrong. Okay, the exotic billet wheels? No again.


I like plain dish wheels with hubcaps and beauty rings. I can sometimes be intrigued by artillery wheels or slotties…but the plain wheel has always said elegance to me and the chance it gives for a matching or contrasting colour to balance the rest of the paint job is not to be missed. Hence I take careful pictures of the ones I like at the shows.


If I ever crumple up one or more of the standard cast alloys on my little Suzuki I would seriously consider going back in the models until I found a set of discs to replace them and then I’d paint the discs a contrasting colour. Oh for the days of the slim-line white wall as well.


Ages me, don’t it?



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