Taking Down The Pictures – Putting Up The Pictures


Wow. I never thought I would have the courage – the courage to take down most of the pictures from the walls of my studio.

But I did. Today as the plumber worked away on the studio john – new works for the cistern…what DO belly dancers eat, anyway?…I stripped the walls of most of the IKEA frames that held my collection of chemical-era prints. The frames are here in my work room and I am thinking hard what to replace those images with.

They were great pictures when I made them –  lots of my friends and dancers who had posed in the studio. Glamour girls and costumed ladies and all…but times are changing and the studio is re-branding itself into something different. The frames all have a place on the wall – there are enough nails sticking out of the brick to hang anything. But now they need new images in them – the Hot Rod Honeys and ZOWIE girls – the AMAZONS – Robin Hood and King John and a whole host of new characters.

One thing for sure – retirement will not be a slow time.



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