A Nice Day Out


I wonder if it is the same where you live – North America, Britain, or Europe. I mean I wonder if your day off is becoming sort of crowded out these days…

Here in Perth we have always liked a spring visit to a botanical park up in the hills – Araluen Park – for flower festivals or for food and wine expos. When I was a high school student weekend camps were held there. It was all very rural and pleasant and there was never any problem getting in.

Not so now – a colleague tried to have a Sunday out taking flower pictures and found that it was like trying to get space on a Tokyo subway train at rush hour. The park is served by a mere country road and cars were parked for a half a mile on either side of the full-up car park. This is not a surprise – I once tried to visit the place for one of those food festivals and discovered the entire population of Southeast Asia had beat me to it.

Every town grows, and ours has too. What we were able to do easily, or for free, forty years ago has become difficult and expensive as the population pressure increases. We spread our pleasure-seeking further afield to find space and tranquillity and unfortunately so does everyone else.

I suspect the answer is to develop our own Araluen on our own properties – also our own study and library areas – the public ones are crowding out. At least we can have first access to the coffee machine and the loo…

A nice day in.


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