Bring Back Superstition

mel2014 84

I have just been outside and looked at the moon. Large, bright, and round. I am pleased that this should be so, as apparently tonight we are all doomed horribly to an apocalypse. And I assume you need good light for the process.

So far it has actually been a pretty good day – I edited photos, visited a friend, did some laundry, and cooked dinner. Some of this may sound boring, but I assure you it has been quite pleasant. Very little brimstone and so far no daemonic armies marching up Parry Avenue. The television seems to be reporting on football awards.

I think I am doomed, all right, but doomed to regard the apocalypse as a vast fraud – and those pushing it as equally dishonest. Oh, I do understand their need to terrify their followers – control of minds and bank accounts being a prime mover in most religions – and I admire their ability to do so with a boogum-boogum story. Most efficient and imaginative on their part – no need for burning stakes or medieval tortures – just tell ghost stories and pass the collection plate.

Note: I’m not free from this sort of thing either – I don’t succumb to stories but I do put spare change into the Blue Box. Not in hopes of redemption – in hopes that someone will buy 30mm DEFA cannon shells with it and use them properly…

I am surprised to find that I have set aside superstition at my time of life. I have hopes that I may have settled back into stition, though I must say that in some cases I have sunk into substition…the state where you don’t believe things that can be demonstrably proved. This is particularly the case when watching demonstrations of kitchen implements at the County Fair or Royal Show. You might see the slick showman core a tomato with one flick of the wrist whilst simultaneously sewing a button on and cleaning a glass window that has been smeared with butter, but part of you declines to believe it.

I am also mired in this attitude at election time in Australia and think it equally applies in the USA every four years. It would apply in Russia if they had elections or in Canada if they had a government. I try to believe…I really do…but my friends talk me out of it when they urge their candidates upon me. I look at the party political broadcasts and listen to the candidate’s debates…and find myself wishing for daemonic armies marching up Parry Avenue, coring tomatoes and cleaning buttery windows…


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