Flying In Formation – The Sabco Aerobatic Team


I am going to get myself in soooo much trouble with this post that I cannot resist it.

Recently a friend on Facebook posted a picture of herself at an exercise class. She looked good but felt bad. Sore muscles. Her Facebook friends then jumped on it and asked her if it was training for flying a broom. She is currently making a list of people to murder and I am afraid I also qualify for that list…we are going to have to pay for a lot of cocktails to obtain forgiveness.

Which brings me round to a studio picture taken a year or so ago for a family who wanted to celebrate Halloween the right way – by taking a family formation flight. Apparently the children asked Grandmother if she ever flew a broom – little knowing that she was a Squadron Leader in the WAF. See header image.

But I am left with a number of pertinent questions – such as:

  1. Do Sabco make a two-seater training broom variant?
  2. Are there night-broom and day-broom models?
  3. Considering the gender situation, can a broom be said to have a cockpit?
  4. Are there naval brooms with arrester hooks?
  5. Do they have to fill out log books and do they use real logs?
  6. Is there a minimum height that they are required to maintain over churches, cathedrals, and chapels?
  7. Is there a warning light that comes on when they are landing if they haven’t put their flaps down?
  8. Is there a drinks trolley on a broom?
  9. If a squadron of witches live in an old cottage on the moors do they do the Thatch Weave?*
  10. Do any of them ride vacuum cleaners?


  • Aaaaand you will now need to Google that one.



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