The Theatre Of The Road



Thank you. Thank you, young woman in the little red Toyota hatchback last week on Leach Highway. I have not been so entertained in years. I was the chap in the cap in the green Suzuki just behind you.

I cannot imagine what the music was that you were listening to – and perhaps I am being presumptuous in saying it was music – but whatever it was that was stimulating you seemed to be working. I have never seen more front-seat bouncing in my life. Toyota hatches are not that big and you were covering a fair bit of the interior.

I realise you were also drinking coffee as I recognised the Muzz Buzz Cup you were holding. My heart stopped when you threw it from one hand to the other in the front seat as we rocketed along. As you then threw it back and forth for about 100 metres I wondered what you were steering with.

As far as the dancing goes, the jazz hands were awesome, the Saturday Night Fever fingers were perfectly in time, and the head banging would have been appreciated in Wayne’s World. You have the ponytail and earrings for head banging.

I’m not too certain about the bit where you flipped the bird with both hands to the truck driver in the lane beside us but this may be a dance move that has come to the fore since I was on the floor. They were certainly enthusiastic birds.

Are you available for party hire?

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