Over The Rainbow – Well Over It


With all due respect to Judy Garland, I suspect that flying over the rainbow might be strictly for the birds. Certainly flying off the handle over the rainbow is – as evinced by the recent foolish kerfuffle in America over the county clerk/gay marriages/going to jail/exciting a million Facebook posts.

As a person who has no opinion at all about anything at all – at least officially – I am always a little dismayed to see how worked up other people get over matters that they are not directly involved in. Sometimes it seems that they are buying into arguments – and the arguments are so ongoing that it is like a shonky hire-purchase deal…they never stop paying.

I accept that the county clerk’s superstition prohibits her from approving of other people’s superstitions. Also from their desires. She wishes to curry favour by denying it. Fair enough. For my part I refuse to smoke Cuban cigars as a way of expressing my horror of Fidel Castro. And because I do not smoke. I do stop short of snatching the cigars out of other people’s mouths and dashing them to the ground.

Putting her in front a judge and then putting her in jail seems to be silly. If she can’t or won’t do the job that the county pays her to do, the answer is simple – do what the county would do for a janitor of a public building that refused to sweep – fire her. Hire a county clerk who will stamp forms regardless. Or better yet – get rid of the forms.

If the gay people wanted to spend time filling out forms they could go to Russia – plenty of forms in Russia. Why does no-one think of these simple solutions?


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