Personal Car – The Pirate

Oakover Winery 2015 165

Don’t ask me why, but the frontal view of this Volkswagen bus of the 1960’s reminds me of a pirate. Perhaps it is the raised windscreen panel looking like an eye patch – perhaps it is the devil-may-care attitude of the thing.

Oakover Winery 2015 167

Whatever it is, the van owner is a one of a group of like-minded enthusiasts who hit the car show circuit each year. They are wise travellers as they have the sort of vehicles that can transport as well as show – they can take all the chairs, eskys, lie-lows, towels, tents and BBQ grills that they need for a club meeting without trying to crowd out the back seats. Plus they can circle the wagons and snipe at the Indians if they are attacked. Canning Vale can be dangerous like that…

Oakover Winery 2015 166

I wonder when the owner turned? I mean when they decided to stop fighting the fading and dings and just gave in to painting it over with Rustoleum and pretending that is what they intended all along…It will be a delicate timing exercise to extend the life of PATINA to the utmost before the blemishes unite to drop the body in pieces. Who knows – he may give in before that happens and respray the lot. The basic vehicle seems well worth it.

Oakover Winery 2015 168

Please take notice of a truly personal and artistic touch – the newspaper headliner. Like the wallpaper on an old Subway shop.



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