Hacking It Up Onto The Screen

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It would appear from a number of recent Facebook posts that hackers are randomly posting naughty images onto people’s Facebook pages and that this has become a matter of concern. Darn right it is – I am outraged – I am livid – where are mine!?!?

I invest a considerable part of the day in accessing Facebook and sitting through people’s selfies, food pictures, and pet photographs. I groan over their political messages and religious pages. I endure the constant cat photographs. When, Oh When, am I going to be rewarded with some questionable images for free?

I don’t ask much – I’m a lad of the 1960’s and am perfectly content with the occasional topless flash. A map of Tasmania is an extra bonus. Throw in some beehive hair-do’s and exotic stockings and no more is needed.

The hackers have already fiddled with my credit card account and occasioned a month’s worth of to-ing and fro-ing with the bank before it all was settled – now surely they can make up for that inconvenience and stress by posting a few centrefolds as compensation. It would only be good manners.



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