Dollar Hits New Low. Then Hits New High. Then Hits New Low.


High Lee, High Low, High lup-up-up.

All you people out there who have just read the headline that the dollar has plunged must get out and DOOOOOO something! The newspaper journalists hope it will be something spectacular and the television cameraman would like you to do it in under 5 seconds in a strong cross light. Preferably close to the studio…

A torchlight procession would be good too – you can suit yourself whether it leads up the cobbled street to the castle of the monster – in that case bring pitchforks as well as torches – or whether you would prefer to go to the local sports field to hear addresses by The Leader. You might want to bring a few books along for the bonfire in case it gets chilly.

Whatever you decide to do make sure that you do it at a dead run. Deliberation and thought are for happier times. Stressful situations call for despair and angst and you are really not going to be a good citizen if you cannot do your part in the panic. At the very least trample on children and the elderly in an effort to escape the cossacks, aliens, and/or zombies.

Of course if you are not currently leaning halfway through the hatch of a money-changing stall in Tokyo or Toledo and trying to scoop wads of cash off the desk, you probably do not really have to worry. If you are here at home in Australia and the cupboard contains enough biscuits to feed you for a week you can stand down. If you are currently bidding for the Koh-I-Noor on eBay you may be in for a disappointment.

Good news for the local traders. Fewer people trying to buy goods online from across the Pacific. More sales locally. Good news as well for the frugal – you were on the right track all along. That jar of money will come in handy.



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