Department Of Bias


[ I wish to acknowledge Tupperware, and the ability it has to keep tomatoes really fresh in my lunch. And their elders. This is a state government-required bleat.]

I have been reading about wartime censorship and propaganda practice and I must say I am impressed and delighted. The ability of one government agency to stop your ears and shut your eyes while a sister department fills your gullet with the approved material is just wonderful. As a man who types out commercial advertisements each day for a largely unappreciative audience I must say the whole thing deserves applause and jealousy.

I have little opportunity to censor others – other than remove their political rants from my Facebook feed, and that leaves me with slim pickings – Minions , Dr. Who, and what would my mythological name be…I long to exercise the powers of government in this area.

Of course it has to be remembered that we are not at war, if you are prepared to forget the Australian military service personnel who ARE at war with various terrorist tribes overseas…and the civil service personnel who are at war with the criminals and invaders who press into the country from all sides. Set those aside and then set aside the organised governmental conglomerates and cartels who would strip the country of assets and power in the guise of “trade”. Also ignore the internal wrangles of the parliament, football oval, and daily television shows. So there is really going to be very little that can or need be censored.

Presumably we are all going to be free to write to each other, with no-one worried about us giving troop movements and details of the performance of the Bren guns – considering the fact that we are generally going to be allowed nothing more lethal than a nerf gun, this should not be a problem. None of us should see our letters cut apart with scissors – and in the case of the emails any missing bits will probably be due to the dodgy copper wiring of the NBN – not to official scrutiny. I intend to celebrate this freedom by sending rude postcards to the main political leaders and not paying enough postage.

  • Heading image. Our favourite Asians. Starving, Stalinist, and stupid, but in really bright colours.

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