Military Outsourcing – The Eco-Efficient Way Of War


[ I acknowledge the traditional owners of the ’48 Pontiac that was parked behind the Pizza Hut for 4 years until they got a new battery. And their elders. This has been a state government mandated statement. Thank you.]

A few years ago there was a great outcry at the discovery that some of the parts of American military equipment were being made in China. The danger of this – lack of replacements at a critical time, possible sabotage, dispersal of vital secret information, etc. was made much of. Whether the situation has been corrected or just accountancied out of the picture remains unclear. But after mature consideration the Guild has come to the conclusion that it is a good thing and, if properly managed, can be of great benefit to the combatants.

Proposition one: Send orders for the oldest and slowest items in your inventory to your potential enemies…with a great deal of theatrical fuss about secrecy and espionage. When it is ready for collection let the spy service of the enemy discover that the ordered equipment is needed for an attack on them.

They will immediately seize all of it and distribute it to their troops. You then incite another enemy to attack them – it is a win/win/win situation. They expend their energy making dud weapons and using them on other people. They then get beaten smartly. You need not pay them, as they are bankrupt. And none of the damage is done to your own homeland.

Proposition two: You send over the latest top-secret, top-notch plans for whatever is going to be the war-winning new gadget so that parts for it can be made. Of course the secrets will be stolen, and the goods will be made for the enemy nation. Then you incite another enemy to attack them – and this time they win. Nothing better than a victory to make you cocky, whether you are a person or a nation, and nothing makes you hated more. You have given them their enemies’ dead – and their own – and made them pariahs.

Proposition three: You order up big – anything at all, as long as it uses up the resources of the enemy nation and pollutes their lives and land. You pay a deposit in gold, because this rivets their attention as no other medium of exchange can. Then you never collect the goods, or pay for them. If you have been careful to order millions of cadmium-plated lefthanded roller cams that can be used for nothing else than your own military’s tank turrets….you can kill two of their entire towns, thousands of workers, and an entire river system with the stroke of a pen.


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