Boxing Clever – Or How To Tuck It All Away


I envy the Japanese these days. I do. I’ve seen their little towns and one of their big cities and they seem to live very ordered lives – in rather tiny spaces. Good thing they are not 6 feet tall.

The part of their ordered lives that most impresses is their ability to pack things away in neat containers – it is a talent that would sit well with collectors everywhere – because none of us have a good place to put the stuff.

I’ll amend that – the older collections like postage stamps or coins seem to have it typed out by now. The former house their bits of paper in books and the books on shelves or in safes. The coin people have cabinets of shallow trays and put the bits of metal in this. Close the drawers or shelf the books and there is plenty of space to have a chair and a desk to examine new stamps or coins on.

The toy car collectors, the vintage dress collectors, the bottle cap and beer label collectors have it worse – nothing seems to fit their beloved objects – or if it does, it is bulky and expensive. The firearm collectors and car enthusiasts have it worst – their stuff needs safes, bars, garages, and a great deal of heavy lifting even to see it.

Good big collections are a boon to the firms that construct facilities rooms and built-in furniture. $10.000 worth of anything demands some protection and this starts the collector thinking about their own little world with everything neatly displayed. This will never happen, as there will always be more new stuff to add, and any shelving will be maxed out eventually. Dust control will demand closed cabinets and a sealed floor. Comfort will demand heating or cooling and aesthetics will demand furniture and cheesy tin signs. Eventually you get a bar fridge and a TV in there and need never see the rest of the family…ever.



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