234 Corgi, I’d Like To Introduce You To 43 Dinky


I went to a model car collector’s meeting at a local hall and listened to the conversations between the participants. I do that – I listen. You can tell what I think about what I hear by the expression on my face.

Much of it was commercial. The buying and selling of toy cars as a business, hobby, or vice. There was as much wheeling and dealing as there is at a secondhand camera market and aside from the markedly fewer women at the toy cars and the markedly poorer coffee stall, the experience would have been the same. I saw Dutchmen and Yorkshiremen circling each other’s wallets at each venue.

They seemed to be having a good time and the subjects were each interesting, but one thing came through at the toy cars as a chilling surprise: sometimes there were no humans there.

Oh, there were people – lots of old guys like myself stalking around the show. I fit right in. But in some cases they weren’t real. Collections were talking to collections…using the animated figures as intermediaries.

No other topic passed their lips, and most of the exchanges that were not prices were what each possessed. 234 Corgi brated at 43 Dinky. Worse – Mr Colin J. Unopened Box got into an argument with I Owe It To Myself Johnson as to which was purer and holier…

I bought a 1:43 Russian bus and made a streak for the door. In case it was catching.


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