New Improved Facebook – Now With 50% Less Propaganda And Bias


Oh, if only.

I noted this week that my friends have already held up the latest political announcements from an overseas country together with the latest cries of outrage on any number of subjects and waved them in my face. I suppose it was inevitable, given the fact that nothing much ever happens here. Oh, we lost the Speaker of the House Of Representatives over a money scandal and someone has been arrested for spying on men in the toilets of a local shopping centre, but this fades into insignificance with the press releases from overseas and the latest outrage of the outraged.

I tire. I weary. I fade under the onslaught of righteousness. I pine for the days – long gone – when I could make up my own mind and do it silently. When I could vote as Idamnwellplease without incurring the wrath of the politically correct. I fear it has long gone, and unless a sour looking cat or a yellow cartoon chracter in blue overalls champions it, it is unlikely to return. I am condemned to read puerile propaganda forever.


Well. if that be the case, I guess I can read it in entirety. And so can everyone else. I shall run the risk of public condemnation  – one of the sovereign nations of the world – and post examples of the best or worst of propaganda in the past. Those who are of a reflective mind may see that it is bad and then stop themselves from doing it in future. Those of a shallow intellect will seize upon it and howl for blood. The people who like coloured pictures will just look at the coloured pictures.


Needless to say I do not agree with any of it, but with a bit of luck it will lead to a number of people exploding in apoplexy and removing themselves from my Facebook friends page. Call it a strong dose of chlorine for the intellectual pool…


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