The Third Rhapsody Of Paradigm Time Share Introspectives


Aw, don’t mind me. I’m still getting over the effects of seeing the pseuds today at an art exhibition. I don’t do that sort of thing at all well – I either explode in derision or go all red and quiet and have to find strong drink. I am pleased to say I held it together pretty well this afternoon and made it to the cocktail hour without publicly disgracing myself.


I was tempted to post the pictures of this lovely little Dodge with silly art comments but I have decided that it deserves better – the car is the beloved possession of someone who obviously knows what they are about when it comes to automobiles and quite frankly it is a treasure. It might not have the rarity value of some others on the show circuit, but the basic good looks of the car cannot be denied. And I would be willing to bet that it drives like a dream.


Some people have ribbed Dodge owners for the plain-ness of the body lines. Then those same jokers have spent squillions shaving, nosing, decking, frenching and all the other techniques on modern cars to achieve…plain-ness of body lines. Dodge had their proportions right and did not feel the need to put funny fluted edges in the bonnet or strangely complex grilles at the front to gain style. Or front view shows the headlights set up at a useful height and bumpers that could bump.


Moving down the side – no extra tyres to crowd the bonnet panels – a useful running board – and big open 3-window passenger compartment. The people sit in a balanced position in the center of the car and there is a useful boot/rumble at the back. Even the spare and the split rear bumper look in-place. I noted the luggage rack but thought this a later accessory rather than factory design – I might be proved wrong.


The interior is plain – this is not a car with pretensions – and the wheel suggests a working life spent wrestling it over unmade tracks as much as paved roads. Whatever modernisms have been incorporated in the dash – I note trafficators, a key start, and what looks like a place where a 45,000watt stereo Mp4 player isn’t.. and I am so glad it is not. This is a car that would reward careful driving and the savouring of every sound natural to the road. If you want music – sing.


” No No, Nanette ” is a good start. Or ” Cabaret “.




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