The Pink Bits – Curves On A Grand Scale

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 257

This is the automotive embodiment of a lascivious dream. The sort of car your Mother warned you about. The kind of car that blonde sex stars would have driven. This car creates steamy urges.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 256

It has been featured in professional publications before, but the first real sighting was at the 2105 Victorian Hot Rod Show.  I am surprised that they let children see it…

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 258

Dodge once had a stodgy reputation – like a Plymouth they were seen as solid family cars or something that a salesman would drive on his rounds – but nothing luxurious or racy. This 1960 Pioneer may have started as the intermediary model of three Darts but right now it has been sleeked into an entirely new category. You’ll see where extra trim has been removed and new grille work added – where new upholstery has been done – where a accent paint has been flowed onto the lines. Chrome work has been restored perfectly – as much as is needed and no more.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 261

I like to think that the two-tone pink scheme was envisioned even before the custom work was started. The choice is perfect – the sensual nature of the car’s lines begs for it. Please note the door shot; the thoroughness of the builder in continuing the two-tone through past the door edge to the interior is evidence of the deep thought. Many would have just left it at the edge.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 263

Pink – Mamie Eisenhower’s favourite colour – was widely seen in popular culture in the 1950’s in America and Canada. We had a pink bathroom with plastic stick-on fish that you popped onto the shower tiles. Why, I could never figure out, but you must also remember that this was a bathroom where I could sail baking soda-powered PT boats in the bathtub and put plastic frogmen in the toilet. It paid to look carefully at our house when nature called. I digress…

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 265

While Ike didn’t go past 1960, pink did carry on. We saw it as an increasingly intense colour until the metallic roses took on – see a previous post. The rose pink never had the cheerfulness of the clear pinks. And nothing at all would have the sheer sex appeal of this rounded beauty.

Victorian Hot Rod 2015 264

Excuse me – I’ll be in my garage if you need me…


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