Bar 399 – A Happy Place


We all have happy places – or at least I hope we do. Someplace that seems to welcome us and provide us with a good time.

Here in Perth I am happy to say that I have found one – the Bar 399 in William Street. It nestles into the top end of the place a few doors from the Mosque – about a block and a half down from Tony Yozzi’s sports store. It’s opposite the Indian restaurant and the pizza joint and next door to the Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants This is important.


It is one of the new wave of cocktail bars that have become popular in Perth. Relaxed liquor licensing laws now allow us to have these venues – no longer are we tied to residential pubs or wine saloons…


Tonight was a special night for Chelsea Bunz and I – she secured a place on the walls for artwork depicting all the things she does and I was able to print up a whole raft of things to decorate the place. Thank you Mr IKEA for making 5 x 7 and A4 frames at a reasonable price. Chelsea spent the day decorating it and tonight it was ready for an opening party.


I can’t be sure how many of our friends were there but I got to sit with a big table of them and they all seemed to be delighted to be there. Well, at least they were there. We sent out for Vietnamese snacks and enjoyed ourselves with the cocktails and other drinks. I am delighted to say that Perth drinks contain more alcohol than price – as opposed to the same things in Melbourne. Score one for us. Also score one fro the Vietnamese restaurant  – their dry chilli mussels were worth ordering. I shall suffer tomorrow but I am prepared for the pain…


This is a bar that I can thoroughly recommend – it is at the kind end of William Street and the patrons seemed to be there for fun and not fights. The staff were cheerful and the prices moderate. And the artwork is ….well…Chelsea.



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