Yeah, That’d Be Great

GreatI’m gonna need you to remember back to “Office Space” and Gary Cole as the micromanager who bullied all the staff. You’ll have to stay late to do it – that’d be great. Mmmmmkay?

Well, folks, we have an epidemic of people who have either decided to channel Gary or are as stupid in real life as he was in the movie. Because the phrase is cropping up more and more. Every day I get over-the-counter encounters with it. And I really have to say that is not Mmmmmkay.

The things that are asked are not great – they are crass, or venal, or pointless. Many of them are not requests but orders, and not a few of them…veiled threats. Greatness does not enter into someone giving a discount based upon whether you are an ‘artist’ or a friend of the owner, or a member of his congregation. You are not demanding greatness – you are demanding financial advantage. Dick Turpin used to do that and he had the goodness to use a horse and a pistol.

Nor is greatness to be found in demanding that time be spent making up someone’s mind for them – no-one who has thinking done for them ends up with a good set of ideas.

There are great people, and great ideas, and great deeds, but they do not generally attend a commercial transaction for a luxury item. Particularly if the item is to be paid for with an argument.

Mind you, at least it does provide a little relief from the other current fad. Yayayayaya.


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