Hello, Nic.


That was kind of you, today. Telling me that you like my other blog – ” Dr. Stein’s Frontier and Colonial Photographic Establishment ” and complementing me on my humour. I shall henceforth regard you as a man of impeccable taste and discernment. I shall sing your praises. This will stop short of me lending you money, you understand, but otherwise we are on friendly terms.

Blogging is a wonderful thing, as it allows a free flow of creative energy and artistic excellence. It also allows a degree of bitchiness and self-indulgence – horrifying to see but basically therapeutic for the writer. If I deliver the occasional gem, it is paid for by the angst that produces it. My goal is to provide amusement without abusement.

I am not generally awed by anything – I’ve seen St. Paul’s Cathedral and longed for lunch. I’ve been on the battle field at Waterloo – under French guns – and worried about my shoes. I have testified in court and not fainted. But blogging excites me.

What other platform have we – the little people – ever had that could not be silenced? How many opportunities have we had to tell the truth without getting a charge of double canister in the face? How many times have we bitten our lips instead of biting others’? Well, the blogosphere and WordPress make all the difference.

I have no idea how it works, or indeed how long it will work for. Everything is finite – even John Cage concerts – and eventually will spin down to dusty demise. So will I go and WordPress as well. But right now I can say what I think, and I think that there is a lot to be said.

I expect trouble. One day I will be hauled into the office, over the coals, or out the back behind the woodshed  –  for what I have written. This is wonderful – it means that one person, or two, have read my work and are incensed by it, and that is as good a round of applause as any ovation in the Sydney Opera House.  I am prepared to wear the cone of shame, the pink slip of dismissal, and the outraged howl of detected crime…because I know that I have made my mark.

Note: marks can be removed by rubbing them with a little ammonia and baking soda.

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