“If It Was Blue, Who Could?”



I am willing to send a special prize to the first one of my readers who can tell me from where that phrase comes. I know, and if you do too, you are as old and weird as I am.

The motor car featured in this post is a debut exhibit at the 2015 Western Australian Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular…also known as the Festival of Really Expensive Hamburgers. It was very close to the entrance of the Silver Jubilee Pavilion.


I will start straight out by complimenting the builder on the choice of colour. While I don’t have access to original paint chips or colour charts to check for exact accuracy, this deep blue is a satisfying echo of what could have been a factory colour. Don’t get me wrong – I love a Candy Apple metalflake faded ghost flamed car just as much as the next man, but a mild rod needs a sense of dignity. The blue does it.


The choices that the builder made in a number of other matters have also contributed to this dignity – the conservative black rim wheels and the small flat domes pay homage to the rods of the 40’s and 50’s. The stock bumpers and tail-lights. The large chromed headlights. And most of all – the decision to retain a flathead V-8 Ford engine and the side panels for the bonnet.


Of course the engine has had a little additional work on it since it got out of Henry’s hands…the blower sort of gives that away. Full marks to the builder for making the most of the original idea of the V-8. It really does tire this build back to the traditional ideas.


Of course, there are diversions. The light blue roll and pleat upholstered boot lining  would probably have given Henry apoplexy. The interior on this car is everything that the original wasn’t – elegant, well-finished, and stylish. No sense working in an office that is badly decorated.


I would be willing to bet that this car drives well – the stance looks right and the distribution of weight seems perfect. I do hope we get to see more of it on the Western Australian car scene in the coming years and perhaps get a chance to photograph it on a closer basis.


PS: Answers to the quiz through the feedback on the bog. I can post the prize.



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