End Of Financial Year Sale


Here – feel this dignity. Make me an offer.

EOFY sales occur at different times around the world, as different nations reset their wallets. I believe the Japanese do it in April 1, and I seem to recall the Americans finish a tax year on April 15th. We wind up at the end of June and then start grasping and wheedling on the 1st of July.

BTW – Happy Dominion Day to my Canadian readers. Stroke a beaver for me.

The springtime may bring on the shearing, but EOFY brings on the shilling – or at least attempts to corral as many of them as possible. I used to think I could predict what the business owners would do in June but I have given up on it. We have had a month of frantic penny catching by all means  – whether it was successful or not I cannot say but I can testify that my feet ache from standing on them for 9 hours and my tolerance for smart alecks is markedly reduced.

I daresay it is the same in many trades – perhaps there are even EOFY sales in professions…two appendectomies for the price of one or buy one divorce and get 50% off your next one. I know people who would jump at that one…

My chief fear/delight will be tomorrow when the people who were ringing around trying to cheapen prices with vague promised offers today will have finally found that they are a day late for the EOFY sale. This will not stop them from presenting for the next three days demanding the sale price. I shall be polite…at first.

The real chiselers will present a week later either with a tax invoice for a deal that was done a month ago and an order that it be changed to July or want to buy something at the June price and have the paperwork issued as if it was still June. This seems to me to be creating an illegal document – possibly for the purpose of defrauding the Australian Taxation Office – and I intend to have nothing of it.

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