Gun Control And How You Can Help

Helen Stein002

Note for North American readers. You can’t. You might wish to or not, as the case may be, but the fact is the thing is far beyond your control. Your ancestors climbed on the tiger 200 years ago and you cannot climb off. If the King of England, his ministers, and the Manchester Board of Trade had been better people back then you would not have had the sequence of events that has led you to your present predicament. They were not and you are here now.

The only practical advice that can be given is to live in areas balanced between urban troublemakers and rural ones – the areas that interest neither of them. Find a boring location full of middle-aged people who eat dinner at 6:00 and pay their taxes. Arm yourself with a short pump-action shotgun loaded with buckshot rounds and lock it away in a steel safe. Only take it out when you absolutely do need to shoot someone and then shoot them thoroughly. Eventually people will stop bothering you.

For we here in Australia the problem is lessened by the fact that KGIII, the ministers, and the MBoT were horrified when the North American colonies defied them successfully and made darn sure the Australian ones were denied the same access to firearms. Of course guns leaked through eventually and spread but to nowhere near the same extent. As a result there have been few massacres and even then most of them were considered to be useful at the time. Of course the 1996 one put a stop to that and allowed the government to confiscate the worst of the Chinese assault rifles that had been imported through Queensland.

We can still look forward to outrages – probably connected to religion in some guise –  but right now most of the repeating firepower seems to be in the hands of police forces and the army. It will be interesting to see whether they will use it on a domestic audience.

Disclaimer: The author was a member of a muzzle-loading shooters club for years and had a glorious good time, spending more money than was necessary on new rifles and outfits. He never shot anyone, even himself…though he did manage to tattoo his forearm with the fragments of a hot percussion cap. He would recommend target shooting to anyone who can see and who can stand loud noises. It is good discipline.



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