The Fraud


Well, that was a novelty. I do hope it will continue to be a novelty – I never want it to happen again…

I was defrauded. Through my credit card account. 4 false charges put on the card a few days ago. One small charge – a few dollars – then two more slightly greater. Then a whacking big one. All were supposedly to separate firms in the USA – major retailers.

I picked it up on my computer screen late at night while checking on the direct deposit of wages. Of course I rang the 1300 number for the fraud department of my bank. They operate 24 hrs a day.

It turns out that the bank was ahead of me – their automatic computer detection system saw the thing after the 4 charges and then froze the account against further action. They had sent a voicemail message to my mobile phone while I was at work.

The woman on the bank line was very careful to check that I was who I said I was – passwords and all – and then extremely helpful as we looked at the statements on our respective screens. The card is cancelled – a new one is to reach me in 4 days. The false charges will be returned to me, and away we go again.

I asked about the fraud and was told that it was unlikely to have been a PayPal transaction, but could have been a skimmed card in the last 6 months – or just a random computer-generated hack that the professional criminals use. The banks are trying to get the reaction time even faster so that there is no way that even one of the transactions goes through. The firms that might have been defrauded of goods will hopefully have been able to stop any shipment in the short interval.

I shall control my card more carefully. I am grateful for the professionalism of the bank.


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