The BGA Good Manners Guide To Race Hatred


If you wish to embark upon a course of race hatred the first thing to define is which races to hate. Then you must decide whether you are going to hate them in their entirety or to allow some exceptions to the rule.

This ties in with the next question – if you are going to hate them all, will you be doing it thoroughly and in small batches or on a general plan and just getting a sort of overall effect. It is difficult to make real trouble with the latter choice as your emotions will be spread over such a large number of recipients that it’s unlikely that any of them will feel it. They may experience a sort of greasy uneasiness but then they may attribute it to cheap hamburgers or Saturday morning television.

Will you be pursuing your hatred forever, or will there be a cutoff point? Long term hatred is draining and may leave you unable to pursue a hobby or enjoy a vacation. If you concentrate your bad feelings into small periods you can leave a longer time to recover your equanimity. Be vile for about an hour and then chill out. Hate small, hate often.

Is it going to be expensive? Will you need to invest in flags, Mercedes cars with open rear platforms, nooses, or a lot of photocopying of inflammatory literature? Just chalking slogans on the local religious buildings rarely yields results. You pay out for paint and you go to a lot of trouble to avoid security guards and then someone just hoses it off in the morning. Mind you, Martin Luther did a lot of good/bad with a piece of paper and a nail…

What if someone in the hated group turns out to be nice? Or worse… nice to you? How should you cope with this? We suggest that you give a false name and address and run for it.   If they pelt you with kindness and mercy, wash it off as soon as you get home.

Is hating someone illegal? Not yet. Is expressing that hatred illegal? Only in certain ways. If you incite other people to hate other people you are in trouble. There are clear laws in Australia that punish this. Those laws cover physical and electronic publishing as well as spoken expression. Is acting upon that hatred illegal? Yes, in nearly all cases. Again, there are clear laws on the statute books. You could be tried, jailed, or subjected to counselling until your ears bleed.

Mind you, there are no laws that prevent you from inciting others to be kind to someone. Used properly, kindness, dignity, and compassion can be devastating. Should you wish to destroy an enemy entirely there is no sure way than making them into a friend.

And The Guild has many ways to deal with its friends…

* Personal Note: With the exception of the Nostalgia Drags at Kwinana Motorplex. I hate all races.

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