I Have Won First Prize!

DSCF2628 copy

I really have. I have been given back something that I thought I had lost 55 years ago – and it is wonderful. I get a chance to re-live one of the most dramatic phases of my life – my school years – and I get to do it right this time.

I get to finally deal with the school bully.

As a kid I changed schools so many times due to my father’s seasonal construction work that I was always running the gauntlet of being the new kid in the class. Continually tested to see if I was going to fight back – continually failing to do so. I eventually learned to withdraw into family and academic work. Both served me well – I loved my parents and was loved by them, and I succeeded in the academic career I chose.

I further succeeded in achieving this family bond with my wife and my daughter and I am delighted to share it with anyone who will listen – they are wonderful people.

At my place of employment I seem to have encountered a person who wishes to act in similar manner to the old school bully. So far it has not been physical – and I should not expect that it ever will be – but it has started to take on some of the characteristics of the schoolyard. In businesses that are dependent upon modern computing there are any number of procedural matters, company rules, forms, and regulations that can be used to plague other employees. When you are in control of some portion of the operation you can make others dance…and if you are of a saturnine nature it can be a very dark dance.

Unfortunately for our latter-day bully, I have passed an entire lifetime since the days of the schoolyard and have learned a number of things. And as Right Evil Bastard of the Backstabbers Guild of Australia I feel it both a duty and pleasure to deal with this situation.

Of course, at any point the bully can spoil my pleasure by being pleasant or helpful, and I will just have to deal with this by emulating his behaviour. I suppose it would be best for the success and profit of the business, and it may happen…but I do hope to get a few good ones in first.

I shall provide a report as the case progresses.


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