Who Wrote This Rubbish?


As the hack writer for a camera shop here in Perth, I endeavour to turn out one or two posts per day on the shop blog site. It operates currently with the Blogger mechanism, though I believe this may be changed over to WordPress in the future. I hope so – WordPress is much more intuitive when it comes to composition and images. We shall see.

The shop blog is linked to the Facebook organisation for publicity purposes – it might be further attached to Google and Twitter and any number of other social things. I frankly don’t understand most of the IT connecting thing but our IT controller apparently does. The upshot of it is that recently the Camera Electronic blogs have been showing themselves on my own Facebook feed – and for all I know may be repeating like a horseradish milkshake all over the electronic network. Good luck to them.

One thing I want to make plain to the FB readers, though. The byline for the shop blog says ” By Saul Frank “. By it may be, and large it may be, but by and large it ain’t true – most of those posts are written by me – Uncle Dick Stein. Saul is one of the family shareholders of the company that runs the shop, one of my employers, and his name is on the masthead… but the posts are mine.

Don’t regard this as a criticism of Saul – he is a capital fellow and extremely quick with figures and business. He hustles all day and deals with a bewildering number of complicated rules and deals in the shop. He can hardly have time to write the small jokes and equipment reviews that make up the bulk of the posts. I think he does occasionally weigh in with an advertisement for special deals on products or   one of the many events that the shop generates – you can tell his posts by the frequent links to other things and the sensible approach to encouraging business. Mine tend to be more flakey.

Anything you read on “Here All Week” or “Dr. Stein’s Photographic Establishment” is pure me – untainted by either let or hindrance from anyone else. You might not find me handsome, but you will find me handy.


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