Ye Gods, How Did That Get There?


Did goe to the Western Australian Hot Rod, Street Car, And People Dressed Badly Spectacular at the Claremont Showground today and was greatley entertained. The entertainment is aptly and accurately named as I saw several hot rods, a number of street cars , and a vast horde of…

I believe that there must be a lack of mirrors in the houses of Perth. Perhaps there was a drought on the mirror farms – it might have been a general government ban – perhaps midnight thieves have removed all the mirrors…whatever, the effect has been to deny men, women, and young people the chance to look at their appearance before they leave their houses. Before they venture out in the street – before it is too late.

Today, as far as the general dress of the show-goers…it was too late.

I have been rinsing my eyes with boracic acid and patting them dry with cotton wool and hope to be recovered enough to venture out again tomorrow. I am contemplating a reverse burqa – everything open except the eyes.

Moving onward from this, here are three pictures of something that startled me today -an Allard motor car. It startles me because it is an Allard, it is in Western Australia, and it is in a hot rod show. I would have thought the bird rare enough in its native land – the United States – and so far back in time – the 1950’s – as to preclude ever being seen elsewhere. Perhaps there was enough mining or pastoral money accumulated to import it. Or perhaps it was just spores that drifted in on the wind – whichever it was, I am delighted to see the beast.


Unfortunately behind a barrier, and unattended, but I hope to do more research – it is a marvellously blended style – reminiscent of someone’s memory of pre-war art deco streamline styling. Please note the suicide doors provided for scooping up cyclists in the back streets of Nedlands after dark.

The portholes are too small to be functional but do act as punctuation marks for the marvellous bonnet line. I look in consternation at the provision of a marvellous grille covering a small bonnet opening and wonder if it is a mis-alliance of two designs. Likewise the marriage of a sweeping French front end with a pedestrian British back end. This odd jointure is not exclusive to Allard – we can see it time and time again in other designs – almost as if two teams worked on a body shell and were compelled to weld their ideas at about the front pillar line.


One thing I can certainly applaud is the colour chosen – a plain cream shade with echo in the wheels. I hope the owner never gives in to the urge for flames or ghost skulls along the side. Or turns his baseball cap backwards and puts sunglasses on the top of it, for that matter…




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