The Three D’s – Here’s Hoping

WA Rod Show 2014 267

It is two days until the 2015 WA hot Rod Show opens at the Showground. I have been promised a ticket by a friend and a day off by the wife and I intend to make the most of my chances. What I am really hoping for is Three D’s.

Three D’s? Definably Different Devices. Cars that do not show up in overseas car magazines. Asian, European, British, and Australian cars rodded, customised, and raced. New ideas in metal and plastic.

WA Rod Show 2014 50

I think many of them that are started are never completed…and many that are completed are darned hard work – the parts are not off-the-shelf bolt-ons. There may be lots of strange discoveries for the builders as well – panels that do not do what they might be expected to and marginal engineering in the motors.

WA Rod Show 2014 48

Most difficult of all for the builders must be the definitions and restrictions that might be placed upon the cars by officialdom – and to some extent by other builders who want to maintain a strict definition of a hot rod or custom car. Sometimes these definitions seem to exclude more than they include, and motoring art is stifled. I understand that people like to have narrow categories for sporting competitions, but art is not sport – done well, everyone wins.

WA Rod Show 2014 47

This year I also hope to vary the angles and lighting for my coverage of the cars. I will be working within the restrictions of general spectating rather than special privilege so I daresay there will be some pictures with intruders – however I am a patient man and if  there is a break in the traffic I can generally get a clear view. And there is always the hamburger stand and the beer lounge.


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