Get A Good Job


Our federal treasurer, Mr. Joseph Hockey, has advised people in Sydney that if they want to have a house they should get a good job.

I hope the masses are grateful for this rare piece of advice falling from the lips of Mr Hockey – From the looks of him I should say very little else ever has. They should also realise that they are hearing an experienced man. Mr. Hockey has a good job and presumably a house to gloat about it in. He knows what he is talking about.

If your job is not that good – and by good I mean remunerative, ( Good in terms generally used by federal treasurers of any kidney is a numerical, not moral, adjective. ) then you probably have no right to a place to live. You may lodge temporarily in a concrete pigeon hole while you are engaged in work but as soon as you are unable to perform that work you must leave. There are plenty of places for you on the outskirts of country towns or in some other state.

I do not think that Mr. Hockey is being deliberately mean in this – he is simply following the directions that he has received from his leader. And Mr. Abbott is doing much the same, albeit with a more sympathetic look on his face. The gentlemen are acting with remarkable aplomb – after all – they have good jobs.


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