I Has Me Suspicions


People often make a huge fuss about what they see as governmental snooping into their computer usage. This seems a little silly – after all, the most powerful arm of the government is the Tax Office and they have people by the short forms and curly financial questions anyway – quite apart from having our money in their hands all the year long even before they ask us to account for the fact that…they have our money.

I would rather make my fuss about the Facebook organisation and what appears to be a pretty keen set of electronic robot mechanisms that censors what we say and edits out our opinions – even when these opinions are legal, moral, and non-fattening.

Case in point: I posted a small  note about the Japanese Naval Commemoration Day – 24th of May – and the famous Admiral Togo. It appeared ever so briefly as a post and then was whisked away to the hidden section. Too controversial? As the Battle of Tsushima was in 1905, this is 110 years later…and who is complaining about the outcome?

Then again, I posted a humorous note just now re. the Eurovision song contest with ” Shoot The Whales” in the title. Obviously no whales are ever shot, even on Eurovision, but the title of it has been wiped from the Facebook link. Are the robots programmed to remove “Shoot” or “Whales”? Would they they would remove Eurovision…

Who are the faceless censors? What are their instructions? Are they subtly steering everyone’s opinion their way, whatever way that is? How far into intellectual arguments and/or satirical presentations do they read before deciding to throw the switch – perhaps when it gets too deep or too funny…or too close to their own prejudices.

At least WordPress seems free of this behaviour. I wish they would not print my typos and bad grammar, but I must admit they have been free and open with me.


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