The Bank Statement – Which Part Of Fun Are We Having?


Still Life001

At the outset I must admit – getting a bank statement is rather thrilling. It means that I have enough money to store, a firm that will disburse it for me, and a postal address to which the bill of accountancy can be delivered. These are not inconsiderable blessings by any reckoning.

I check it carefully, and find that the records of spending are accurate. Each firm that has given me a Mastercard slip has been noted down and the addition of the numbers is as correct as a Casio calculator can make it. I am delighted to say that I have the funds to meet the bill, and will do so by post tomorrow morning. One would think that the end of the matter. Yet…

How can I have spent so much money? Where has it gone? Are the corners of the house so cluttered with goods? Should I be trusted with a credit card? Or, for that matter, 50¢ in a folded up paper?

Well, after the panic attack subsides, I divide the purchases into essentials like transportation, health costs, and clothing for work…and then all the other things. The calculator reveals that 77% of the disbursement was unavoidable expenditure – and 23% went on fripperies. I have been guilty of far worse before.

Perhaps this coming month I can pare it down more – without being a Nollekens about it. If I do not suffer or cause others to blush I can avoid being thought a cheapskate or worse. Time to troll through the frugal websites and see if they make any sense to me.




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