Disaster, Datsaster, and Deuddersaster


That title has sat in the “edit” basket here for several months. It was a phrase that flitted through the mind brightly and promised much but was followed by silence and darkness. Been to a number of stage plays like that – at least you can snooze if you are buried back in the cheap seats.

Well, at last I get to use it. Fear not – there will be no flaming zeppelins or broken dams to contend with in this post – my disasters run to a much more modest scale. In fact, they are not so much disasters as disguised opportunities.

Yesterday’s visit to the unwelcoming hobby shop was annoying – but only for 15 minutes; the time taken to motor on to Stanbridge’s Hobby Shop. There my equanimity was restored and $ 48 taken out of my wallet – a small price to pay for a lesson that ended sweetly. I have paid far more in some restaurants for far less satisfaction. Added bonus – I work just 5 minutes away from Stanbridge’s so I can pop in there and spend money easily.

My previous post about ruining the paint finish on one of my toy cars explained how I had set to work repairing it. The sequence of doing so turned out to be longer than expected; the first repair was rather scruffy and would have annoyed me each time I saw it. More careful work was needed.

I sanded away the paint and tried again. I spent an hour figuring how to mask off the complex shape – in the process, learning the feel of the modeler’s masking tape and how to stuff wet tissues into unmaskable breaches. I painted, sanded, and painted until I could be sure that the final gloss coat would look good. In the process I learned how to clean my new air brush after using enamel paints.

After a week, and the final unwrapping of the car, my daughter looked at it and asked me what all the fuss was about because she couldn’t see what had been painted. Score! And I have learned several new skills.

Last night’s entertainment at the Cat Haven Quiz Night was unsuccessful. Our table did not place in the finals. All we have to show for it was an evening drinking wine, eating cheese and chocolates, and laughing with friends. Oh, the pain of it all….Hee Hee Hee…



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