A Valuable Lesson


Did goe to two retail hobby stores here in Perth just now and was not greatley amused – although I did receive a valuable lesson.

While it is good manners to never overhear other conversations, it is sometimes impossible to avoid. Caught in a closed aisle of the first shop, I listened – unwillingly – to the shop assistant traducing the nation of my birth – that of my forefathers. A nation that still is home to many of my extended family. A nation which I respect.

It was small beans – sneering references and misjudged comments – but it rankled. And as it was just turning on the subject of toy trains, it was all so much more petty and unnecessary. As soon as I could I exited the place and drove to the second hobby shop.

In the second hobby shop – Stanbridge’s in Mount Lawley – the atmosphere could not have been more different. The staff were pleasant and the transaction was done efficiently and well. I was delighted to spend my money there on the same items that had been offered in the first store as there was no danger that I would be subjected to insult upon asking a question.

Actually, I have been dealing with Stanbridge’s shop since 1964 and have always had a good feeling about it. I can recommend it to others based upon this.

The valuable lesson? Well, since I too work retail – 5 days a week – I will make sure that I never indulge in the sort of loose talk that I heard today. I might go a bit silent when some of my customers start to make geese of themselves, but it will be better than joining them and increasing the size of the flock.


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