” Have You Got It In Your Stocks? “


Well, yes. Would you like to pelt us with offal and rubbish? I’ll be off to lunch but my colleague will be happy to act as your target…

This seems a little removed from the teddy bears and Victorian dollhouses normally shown at the Cannington Ag Society building but then I daresay there are lots of people who have progressed past the easy dolls…It calls to mind the Aurora Models figures of the 1960’s that had guillotines and torture racks as a subject – and were eagerly snapped up by the children of the town.




There were haunted houses as well. Very likely associated with the Addams family as they seemed to be commercial kits, but readers must remember that real haunted houses are likely to be far less sinister or spectacular. The places where real horrors have taken place are rarely modelled in polite society – even if we sometimes see parody models made. Perhaps they exist in the private collections of the psychopathic collector but I have no desire to see them.


I am also sometimes a little bemused by the miniatures made in Asia that seem to be derived from disturbing anime images. There are isolated shops of them in Melbourne and an entire seedy arcade of them in Singapore. I know because I was taken on a guided tour. As eager as I was to purchase model accessories for my 1:18 studio work, I could not find anything in a dozen crowded shops that had any echo to reality. At least not in a reality I wish to explore.




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