You’ll Read This Or Else


Or else you won’t read it.

Please read it. Please. I have gotten rid of most of the typos and cleaned up the language. And there isn’t anything on the telly so you might as well finish it.

The real topic is threats. Spoken threats. And how not to speak them.

Today I received a small, jovial, foolish threat that I thoroughly expected. It has been delivered before  in circumstances very similar to today’s. I was not at all surprised. No harm came of it, but I got to thinking how the whole thing could escalate badly.

The threat? Just a small matter but if it had been carried out there would have been industrial strife. Industrial strife cannot be stopped quickly and never finishes well.

NOT making the threat was an option – an option that stretched all the way from today back to the previous time he said it. It could have been left unsaid as easily as saying it…

Sort of like banging a hammer on the fuse end of a torpedo. Makes a brave loud clanging for a number of times and then one day the noise changes…



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