More Rooms With No Room


Before the next miniature exhibition is upon us I must remember to show the images of the last one. These are small, crowded rooms – not in Tokyo or Hong Kong – in Perth at the Cannington Agricultural Society Hall. 1:12 scale for the most part, though there are other scales used.


As usual, they reveal a great deal about their makers, even if they do not realise it. You can safely say that if the miniaturists could reduce themselves to 1:12 scale they would move into their own structures.  In some cases the miniature sets and doll’s houses are far neater than those inhabited by the 1:1 maker, but usually they are more complex –  because they contain childhood memories or aspirations, and these can take up a great deal of space. Sometimes they even crowd out reality.


I’ve done that – though my constructions were chiefly of costumes and characters. They let me live another life in my mind for short periods of time – mental holidays, if you will. Of course we always snap back to modern reality, but the time away was valuable. Age eventually locks you out of that sort of imagination, but it does open another door – understanding and the ability to link experiences in your mind.


And who can resist the appeal of 1:12 scale food? Even if you can’t eat it, it is satisfying.


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