Ye Gods. Apparently I have accosted strangers in the digital market place and pressed my opinions on them unbidden some 600 times in the last couple of years. 600 blog posts on ” Here All Week “. Even a pub bore or a religious visitor would be hard pressed to achieve that level of intrusion. I think I am proud of myself…

I cannot pretend to the same level of beauty in my pictures as the man in southern France who takes pictures of the landscapes nor the level of skill evinced by the man in America who makes model aircraft, but at least I can keep coming up with the stuff. If it seems to be sad stuff,be grateful that it is free.

Or is it? This page launches out from the photo room desk with no monetary cost but I think the WordPress people attach advertisements to it before they stick it on your screen. I’ve no idea what they want you to buy, and as they never send me any money, I figure you are free to ignore the ads. Read the blog, please, but that’s all you have to do. Those of you that live in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, or Margaret River might care to treat me to a pie and a pint, but everyone else is off the hook.

Of course you do spend heavily when you read this – you spend your time. You’ll not get that back from the advertisers in any form – so spend it wisely. Try to read the good bits and ignore the typos. Spell Checker is not a pirfect program.

If you are a car enthusiast who is reading this to see what goes round the local shows, read on. The insights will be simply those of the mechanical spectator and can be instantly contradicted by someone who knows the facts. If the posts start a bit of speculative thought when you go to the car show, I have achieved my goal.

If you are a minaturist, please keep looking at the little worlds that others make. There is a story to each one of them and you can read the maker’s soul in their doll house or diorama as readily you could in their library.

And now – on to the next year of writing.




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