Society Of Friends Hold Car Show


Earlier this year a number of people who are friends with each other held a car show in Hyde Park to celebrate the fact that they have enough money to own old cars and have not yet been confined to asylums. Considering the amount of money some of them have spent and the amount of grief the cars give, this may be quite a narrow window of opportunity to see them…


One new sight, amongst others, was this Ford desert car supposedly modelled after one used by Australian forces in the middle east in WW1. I don’t think it is something that applies to Gallipoli, though. As this is the current topic of note you can at least take an interest in the Lewis gun and the Vickers machine gun set up in the park. They did not fire them at the crowds while I was at the park but this may have been done later after the Sunday noise restrictions were lifted – the City of Vincent can be savage about making noise before 11:00 AM on Sunday.


Restorers of ancient cars would have, I imagine, quite a problem getting formed metal body parts that are authentic. It must have been a relief for the builder of this one that so much of it could be replicated with wooden panels and strap iron. And the paint finish could be a dull sand colour rather than an elaborately hand-finished gloss enamel.


I do hope they remembered to pick up the empty brass at the end of the day. Reloading is expensive enough if you have to buy fresh cartridge cases for the .303 Enfield – belts and drums of ball cartridge would be a major investment. Well worth it, mind, if you can catch the fair goers en infilade, as it were. It all depends on whether they spot you over the curve of the Leake Street hill before you open fire. Hiding behind the fairy floss tent is always a good idea.



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