Here I Sit, About To Uncork Her…


Ready to launch another New Yorker…

Pardon me for that piece of disreputable poetry. It was caused by the discovery of yet another Chrysler sedan at the recent Nostalgia Drags. You’ll have read my little post on the Chrysler Newport that appeared at a local bogan show – the unusual greenhouse and massive proportions of it catching the attention.


Well, this New Yorker is undoubtedly of the same vintage but look at the difference a four-door configuration and a longer roof line makes. The square nature of the slab sides and the square sculpture are still there – but the whole has a much more balanced appearance. I was relieved to see that the quirky oddities like the Imperial LeBaron headlamp housing have not carried forward this far. They were distinctive and all, but suggested more straining after effect than good design.

I have been puzzled recently at the number of left-hand-drive vehicles that have appeared on Western Australian roads. there have always been a few-occasioned by the importation of personal vehicles by staff at the American submarine communication base at Exmouth in the 1960’s and 70’s. They would have their Mustangs or Rivieras sent over by the US Navy and then sell them off when they had completed their tours of duty. Some were converted to right-hand-drive but some always seemed to be getting about with the original configuration. Big ugly signs on the back to warn you – ” Left Hand Drive”.


I had always been told that the cars had to be converted to RHD in a specified time or face being banned from the road. Apparently that was so, but in the 1980’s someone successfully challenged it with the Licensing Division and now the LHD cars can remain uncut. It must make for some difficult driving decisions if the cars are as big as the Chryslers, and I daresay any accidents would be immediately put down to the LHD situation – bad luck if it was you at the wheel. I’ll bet they score a hefty insurance cost…

Well, at least they can look good at car shows. And cruising on a big road they would be awesome. All the prestige of the low-rider but none of the hazards going over a railway crossing. And cruising into a petrol station would be another story…

BTW: Two-tone. Go-on – admit you love it.



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