Plastic Fantastic


Did goe to the Nostalgia Drag races this past weekend and was greatley entertained – not in the least by the collection of cars in the parking area and in the swap-meet field. I spent a good part of an hour being non-plussed, plussed, and over-plussed. Here is one of the good ones:


It’s a Ford. In many respects. To a certain extent. For all intents and purposes. Here and there…


Okay. It is a car made of fibreglass in the shape of a 1930’s Ford that has been hot rodded in the 1990’s. The maker’s advertisement on the side is a clear announcement and the resultant vehicle is a good representation of their work. All is well.


There are some details that catch the eye – the hinges on the doors and bonnet – the fact that the bonnet lifts up from the cowl rather than lifting in two parts to the side. The swoop and sweep of the widened rear fenders – not to mention the tuck under of the bed. The two side blisters in the engine bay – and the carbon fibre scoop moulded into the bonnet. The blue grill work in front of the square radiator. The remarkable shape of what may be riding lights on the front fenders…


I cannot escape from the feeling that the owner may reconsider the hinges for the tail gate at a later date. But the tail lights can stay.


The interior is no less remarkable – blending a modern instrument pod with what appears to be moulded door panels. should think that the moulds required to produce these sorts of components are complex and expensive in themselves and it is to be hoped that other builders will take advantage of what may well be a kit of parts for their own construction. One thing is certain – the owner of this car is not riding a rust bucket!


The paint job is delightful. It sort of overpowers the senses until you look at the other parts of the picture and see normal colour.



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